Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WTF!? Of The Week

WTF!? Of The Week will be a weekly post containing something that I find to be just completely ridiculous. This weeks WTF!? Of The Week is:

Shaped Animal Rubber Bands.

That's right. Apparently these little things are all the rage with the kids these past few weeks. We've been getting them in constantly at work and somehow cannot manage to keep them in stock for more then a week.

To get you up to speed on exactly what these things are, the concept is simple. take a normal colored rubber band, make it into a shape like an animal or even a car (who the heck wants a car shaped rubber band?) and BAM! you got yourself a fashionable bracelet. The only odd thing I find is that once you put it on, the shape disappears and it just looks like a regular old cheap rubber band.

So here's the price breakdown for these things. a whopping $1.99 for a package of 12! Walgreens also sells a normal 1/2 lb bag containing a couple hundred rubber bands for $3.49. Oh, and even better...Target sells a large bag of assorted colors for only .49cents! can't beat that.

Here's a little video displaying how these things work. The video does a great job at showing how ridiculous the idea is.

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